Roofing Equipment

roofing tools safety equipmentThe roofing equipment in the modern days has changed a lot. In the past everything used to be built from bricks and cement and there you go, the roof is ready. However, in the modern days all the task isn’t that simple. Everything has been built on technology and the new products provide a much better and safe feeling than the past days. Areas like Japan which are located on the earthquake fault line need a lighter roof while the ones in Canada require a slanted roof. Similarly, different areas have a separate specialized roof built using specific roofing equipment. In general, roofs are of two types- flat and pitched. Their selection depends upon factors such as:-
  • Building use-Residential or Commercial
  • Span
  • Structural materials
  • Need to shed water or snow
  • Need to provide overhangs for shading
  • Need to provide overhangs to protect the wall materials

Roofing Tools

The tools required for roofing vary a lot in the modern days but some of the more common ones are as follows:-
  1. Pitched Roof Materials
They generally consist of shingles (asphalt, sawn wood, shakes, slate, clay tiles or concrete tiles), thatches (bundles of leaves, reeds or grasses) and a sheet metal which can be lead, copper or stainless steel.
  1. Flat Roof Materials
The flat roof material consist of structural roof deck (usually made sloping to minimize drainage and uses materials such as plywood, wood decking, cast or hollow core concrete, steel decking), a thermal insulation, vapor retarder (and air barrier) and a waterproof membrane. Apart from these two types there are quite a lot of other variations too. Let us now discuss the commercial and metal roofing tools and its equipment:-
  • Commercial Roofing Equipment
Starting off with built-up roofing which reduces cost and provides protection against fire. Apart from that there are modified bitumen membranes which are very tough and resilient, single ply roofing which is great for high heat areas, liquid coating and membranes which are water proof and even given 15-20 years warranty. Apart from the above there are special roofs for solar, plazadeck systems, gardens and insulations plus fastening systems.
  • Metal Roofing Equipment
Metal roof is usually favored in colder areas where it snows a lot during the major part of the year. The metal roof has a blocked seam, standing seam or a flat one to slide off the snow. The general equipment for working out the metal is a little different from shingle work. Metal benders, hand seamers, snips, standing seamers, gutter tools, hammers, markers, sheet clamps, notchers, square hard hammers, decoilers and many other specialized equipment is used in metal roofing industry.

Roofing Safety Equipment

Roofing safety has evolved extensively throughout the years. It now consists of roof anchors, horizontal brake lines for sliding roofs and many other roof safety products. A minimal investment in temporary roof brackets helps in keeping a safe and convenient roof for the rest of your life.

Used and Rental Roofing Equipment

Many of the companies have started selling used roofing equipment and even give the stuff on rent. It generally consists of air powered tools, automotive tools, manual and powered concrete equipment, cutters, demolition hammers, drills, electrical tools, fastening equipment, generators, hoists, insulation blowers, roof jacks, ladders, levels & transits, lifts, loaders & excavators and other general roofing equipme